Tips for Participants

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  • You don’t need a data plan for your phone to take part in this study, but you should connect to the internet via wifi as often as possible. Google Maps and PACO app will record your location and survey answers without internet. The apps will update your data when you have an internet connection.

  • Don’t dismiss PACO reminders—answer no if you didn’t go anywhere (this will ensure your data is accurate).

  • If you don’t feel like typing, you can always hit the audio record button for certain questions in the PACO app.
  • You can take a PACO survey anytime you like, so don’t worry if you missed a reminder. Open the app and fill out the brief survey. This is helpful if you recently took a trip and want to record what happened before you forget.
  • Check your timeline on your cellphone while you’re on the go. If you enabled notifications, the Google Maps app will ask you to confirm locations from time to time. When you’re ready, you can download KML files from your computer for the week and upload them in one sitting.