Consent to Participate in a Research Study (Page 2/4)

Audio Recording: The PACO app has an option to audio record answers to some questions. Participants can record their voice instead of typing responses. The audio will be transcribed or coded at a later date, and audio files will be discarded. The conference call will be recorded and used solely for writing reports about the research development process. You can join the conference call anonymously by computer or phone.

Time Commitment: Your participation in this study is expected to take a total of 1-2 hours over the course of 2 weeks. The first week will entail seven days of surveys, either once a day or 3 times a day, plus correcting and uploading your location history and completing a brief online survey. After the week of data collection, a 30-minute focus group will be scheduled and conducted by conference call (see calendar below for rough timing of the study).

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Potential Risks or Discomforts: There are few potential risks or discomfort associated with this study. Privacy concerns are a related research risk, which is why an email address is the only personal identifiable information associated with your demographic information, location history, and survey answers. To mitigate privacy concerns, you are encouraged to create a new Google account that is not connected to your real identity, or you can use an email account created for you by the researchers. In order to understand what information Google Maps Timeline collects, and how you can edit the details, please visit

Potential Benefits: Participants may learn more about their travel behaviors and how travel impacts their moods. Data collected may contribute to knowledge about inequalities in transportation and could be used for advocacy purposes in the future.